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In need of sex, she fucks a married colleague at work

This young executive in need of sex gets laid in her workplace with a married colleague in the middle of her files. The torrid fuck makes the archives crinkle and reveals unsuspected aspects of this serious and well-ordered chick. She rediscovers sodomy and comes hard thanks to this horny guy.

That day, Stéphanie, harassed by the mental load which falls to her, and in need of sex, wants to get laid at work with a married and feisty colleague. The pressure, the daily routine, the management of the family, the preparation of meals, she can't take it anymore. Her husband doesn't see her anymore, hardly touches her, doesn't pay attention to her. She dreams of sweet words, drunken vacations and hot sex where she could feel desirable and sexy again. She sometimes lets herself caress herself, alone, in the bathroom, and rediscovers her female body by sliding her shy fingers over her round breasts, her soft belly and her wide hips. Stephanie is harmonious and luscious, but she doesn't like herself that much anymore when she looks at herself in the mirror. 

A solitary pleasure to fill the lack

Time passes, and it passes quickly. She thinks of the crazy evenings she used to spend with a new partner each time, because she made them all fall for her beautiful ass and her plunging neckline. Today, she doesn't even think about it anymore. She has very little time for herself and doesn't value herself as much as she used to. She can see it, her skin is less firm, and she thinks she is less appetizing. So sometimes, under the shower, she lets herself go to a small pleasure in solitude in memory of the good old time when she still enjoyed. She caresses her pussy, today hairy, but which was not always it. She brushes her tender vulva and lingers on her ever so sensitive clitoris and feels that she can stimulate herself quite quickly. She twirls her long slender fingers over this erogenous zone and finally penetrates and pushes her phalanges into her vagina. She slides in timidly at first, a slightly shameful sensation on her red cheeks, then speeds up by pressing a little harder to increase the sensation. The jet of hot water reinforces this rapid excitement and gives her an effective orgasm that she would like to share with a man.

Loneliness and despair in the office

That day, the despair and the weight of the responsibility invades him and betrays his disarray. Her colleagues realize that something is wrong. The young woman is usually jovial and does not let anything of her personal problems show. So that morning, it doesn't escape anyone. But Stephanie is discreet and does not spread her life around the coffee machine like most of her colleagues who spend their time complaining and whining. 

She talks about the need to take a few days of well-deserved vacation and feels her eyes wander off into a blur of intimate beaches, coconut palms, fine white sand, turquoise sea and warmth. She imagines herself running along the water's edge under the knowing gaze of her husband who would burn with the desire to catch her to kiss her fiercely and devour her fully in front of everyone. The sun would come to perfect her golden skin and she would be able to show off her beautiful, still round and generous breasts. She imagines curling up against her lover on the sandy mat and succumbing to the kisses of this loving and excited man. He would slide his hand under her bikini and would come to tease with passion her small wet pussy by devouring her wet tits of water which beads slightly. But enough daydreaming, Stephanie is well and truly at work, and it is not. No vacation, no husband in love who would get a hard-on just by seeing her. Of course, some of her close collaborators question her, try to find out more, even try to get her to talk. But the young woman is very professional and does not reveal her concerns. What would those bitches think if they knew that her husband was no longer touching her? It was out of the question to be seen as a little stuck-up in the eyes of these bimbos molded, most of the time, in too tight clothes. 

It was hard for Stephanie to think about work that day. The days follow one another and are somewhat similar. She tries to concentrate, but can't. To distract herself and stay in the action, the young executive goes for a walk in the archives. She walks through the long corridors, like an endless maze, grey and sad, and rushes into the lair of the files closed and kept here, in a safe place. Caught up in her concentration to look for the row of the letter F corresponding to the name of her client, she hears someone shouting not far from there. The hoarse voice of a man grumbling about not being able to remove that heavy box caught between two invading files on the first try. Stephanie laughs to hear these bird names uttered without restraint by this colleague she knows so little. She knows him, yes, but vaguely, by sight. The kind of distant colleague with whom one never talks. She approaches him and questions him, amused, on his difficulties of the moment to reach his objective. 

An enchanted parenthesis in the office archives

The man, usually rather discreet, smiles and starts a conversation. The current seems to pass between these two, who give themselves up to each other without premeditation, and who animate this immense room of inert archives for a very long time. The discreet grumbler, pushed by an impulse of audacity, kisses the surprised young woman, who lets herself receive his kisses and to return them to him. The tongues embrace, lick each other, tease each other, caress each other with ardor and passion. That had not happened to them for a long time. 

Placed against the metal shelves, the young executive downcast of these last days feels in her a sudden energy and a certain excitation. His partner slides his lips on his bare neck and tears off the blouse with eagerness to devour this tempting breast that she exhibits. The quickly unhooked bra comes to hang in a hazardous way on the corner of an archive while Serge, the shy enterprising, eats savagely the tits of the naughty. He aspires with frenzy the nipples subjected for a long time to too much confinement and titillates them vigorously. He goes down little by little on the supple belly of the young woman and unbuttons his pants to smell his odor and to spread his hungry tongue on his not very prepared pussy. The hesitant young woman spreads her thighs widely and lets herself be convinced by a tasty and improvised cunnilingus between two shelves of archived files. Stephanie clutches and leans around her as the pleasure cuts into her legs. She feels that she wets and that the tongue slides with ease on her delicate mucosa. 

The affair continues on the ground, lying in the haste of the desire which pushes them to the action without thinking. The young woman moans of happiness and feels going up an orgasm without precedent that she has difficulty to contain. Her instinct of femme fatale awakes and pushes her to put herself squatted to suck with full mouth the very excited guy who has just made her cum powerfully. She pushes the long cock under tension into her throat, which brushes the inside of her cheek in intense back and forth movements before fully immersing herself in his gullet. The sucked cock is astiqued and ardently stimulated by a very naughty Stéphanie who reveals herself in this improbable fuck. The young woman, remained so much time without sexual activity and without being the fruit of the desire of some partner, finally lets go. She puts herself on all fours in her insatiable impulse and displays an ass ready to be penetrated vigorously in a small unforeseen sodomy, but so exciting. The well titillated guy draws his big cock ribbed with blood flow and immerses himself between the beautiful fleshy and appetizing buttocks of the young woman. The anus, quickly lubricated by the latter, welcomes the solid and impatient penis in its darkest and least frequented zones. The comings and goings of the good man in the anal orifice of the young woman are intense and irresistible for this chick in need of sex. She grabs her ass and spreads widely the two lobes of her buttocks to facilitate the sliding and amplify the sensation. The burning and torrid fuck ends in a bath of perspiration and satisfaction in the middle of the curled files. 

The young woman emptied, but satisfied, gets dressed with a smile on her face, taking care not to let anything show during her imminent return to her office. She takes care to re-button her blouse and redoes a suitable hairstyle in the blind. The two lovers separate as if nothing had happened, except for the constant smile on their lips. Back to her work tasks, surrounded by her colleagues, the young woman, still vibrating from this powerful orgasm experienced in the storeroom, is already thinking about the next blowjob she will give near the photocopier or in the toilets of the establishment to stimulate her daily life and get off intensely. For sure, this day will remain the beginning of a new exciting adventure for this hitherto unsuspected naughty girl.

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